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Bead embroidery kit "Gift from an angel". Size: 9.4-11.8 in (24-30cm)

Bead embroidery kit "Gift from an angel". Size: 9.4-11.8 in (24-30cm)

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DIY Bead embroidery kit "Gift from an angel". Size: 9.4-11.8 in (24-30cm) Bead colours 17. Home decor Angel.

The set for embroidery with beads is made very clear for a needlewoman. Multi-colored beads are numbered. The diagram shows which beads to sew on. The dots on the pattern indicate the puncture sites with a needle.

This beading kit consists of:
1. Picture - pattern (scheme) for beadwork. Gabardine fabric.
2. Beads Preciosa ornela 17 colours.
3. Beaded thread.
4. Bead needles.
5. Instructions.

Beading is a very inspiring process! It is easy to work with such beading kits, because having decided to buy bead embroidery kit, you will immediately acquire everything you need.

Finished beadwork embroidery will be a good home decor, made in a minimalist style. Beads are shining and sparkle creating a 3D effect on a picture. This DIY craft kit will give you a lot of pleasant emotions while embroidering. It is always a pleasure to do needlework beading embroidery in your free time.

A beadwork kit or an embroidered and handmade picture will be a good gift for your relatives and friends.

This is bead embroidery kit it is new! Beading kit includes everything you need to stitch as soon as you open it!

This beadwork kit is packed securely to avoid damage in transit. 

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