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Mixed seed beads PRECIOSA ORNELA Rocailles 10/0.

Mixed seed beads PRECIOSA ORNELA Rocailles 10/0.

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The perfect blend czech seed beads mix by Preciosa Ornela for crafting and jewelry making.
Seed beads PRECIOSA Rocailles. Size 10/0 means that 10 beads will fit in one inch.

1. Bead size 10/0, 2.3mm. (0,079in).
2. Bead hole size - 0.7mm. The hole is round.
3. Weight of one pack 25grams (0.88oz.).
4. Amount of beads in one pack - 2275pcs.

PRECIOSA Rocailles are the most used type of glass seed beads. They were created in Venice, Italy in the 15th century. These beads have been produced industrially in Bohemia since the 18th century.

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