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10/0 08349 Preciosa Seed Beads. Crystal - Terra Pearl.

10/0 08349 Preciosa Seed Beads. Crystal - Terra Pearl.

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Introducing the dazzling and enchanting Preciosa Rocailles Crystal Seed Beads in the mesmerizing shade of Terra Pearl! These little gems are here to add a touch of magic and sparkle to all your creative projects.

• Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities as you explore the beauty of these exquisite seed beads.
• Crafted with precision and care, each bead shines with a lustrous Terra Pearl hue that will leave you spellbound.
• Let your imagination run wild as you create stunning jewelry pieces, intricate beadwork, and captivating accessories that will turn heads wherever you go.
• The versatility of these seed beads knows no bounds - whether you're a seasoned jewelry designer or a DIY enthusiast, these beads will elevate your creations to new heights.
• With their smooth and uniform shape, these seed beads are a dream to work with, allowing you to effortlessly weave, string, and stitch your way to masterpiece after masterpiece.
• Let the radiant beauty of Preciosa Rocailles Crystal Seed Beads in Terra Pearl transport you to a world of elegance and glamour, where creativity knows no bounds.

So go ahead, ignite your artistic flair and let your imagination soar with these magnificent seed beads. Get ready to make a statement and shine bright like a star with the Preciosa Rocailles Crystal Seed Beads in Terra Pearl!

Size 10/0 means that 10 beads will fit in one inch

1. Bead size 10/0, 2.3mm. (0,079in).
2. Bead hole size - 0.7mm. The hole is round.
3. Weight of one pack 10grams (0.35oz.), 25grams(0.88oz.), 50grams (1.76 oz.)
4. Amount of beads in one pack - 900pcs., 2250pcs, 4000pcs.

Bead color shade may vary slightly. This depends on your monitor settings.

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