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10/0 03681 Preciosa Seed Beads. Yellow chalk - Solgel dyed.

10/0 03681 Preciosa Seed Beads. Yellow chalk - Solgel dyed.

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Introducing our incredibly popular and vibrant collection of seed beads: Chalk - Solgel Dyed! These aren't your average beads - they're bursting with color and personality, ready to add a touch of fun to your crafting projects.

Imagine a kaleidoscope of pastel shades, beautifully opaque and irresistibly eye-catching. These seed beads have been meticulously dyed using the innovative solgel technique, ensuring that each bead is infused with rich, vibrant color that will truly make your creations stand out from the crowd.

Whether you're a seasoned jewelry maker, a passionate DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who loves to add a touch of creativity to their life, our Chalk - Solgel Dyed seed beads are a must-have in your crafting arsenal. Their small size makes them perfect for intricate designs, allowing you to create delicate patterns and stunning beadwork that will leave everyone in awe.

So go ahead, let your imagination run wild and bring your artistic visions to life with these enchanting seed beads. With their playful hues and superior quality, they're sure to become your go-to choice for any creative endeavor. Get ready to embark on a crafting adventure filled with color, joy, and endless possibilities.

Size 10/0 means that 10 beads will fit in one inch.

1. Bead size 10/0, 2.3mm. (0,079in).
2. Bead hole size - 0.7mm. The hole is round.
3. Weight of one pack 10grams (0.35oz.), 25grams(0.88oz.), 50grams (1.76 oz.)
4. Amount of beads in one pack - 900pcs., 2250pcs, 4000pcs.

Bead color shade may vary slightly. This depends on your monitor settings.

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